Issues & Endorsements


  • The primary purpose of the Board of Police Commissioner is to investigate complaints against police and hold them accountable when appropriate. Return the Board’s focus to that duty.
  • End No-knock raids unless there is an imminent and credible threat to human life.
  • Suspend the use of facial recognition technology.
  • Resist efforts by bad actors to go around the charter.
  • Restore benefits to retired officers.
  • Adopt written policies requiring on-duty DPD officers to intervene and ensure that all DPD members obtain training in de-escalation.
  • Restore the private towing rotation.
  • Improve response time in underserved neighborhoods.
  • End high-speed chases unless there is an imminent and credible threat to human life.
  • Attract more officers with higher pay.
  • Reallocate some resources, and reassign mental health calls to mental health professionals.
  • Propose incentives (like property tax breaks and free land-bank houses) for officers who make Detroit their home.
  • Hire a parliamentarian and BOPC attorney.
  • Stop mass surveillance. Only use invasive surveillance technology when there is probable cause.
  • End the use of exotic crowd control weapons and military style weapons by police.


  • Michigan Peoples Campaign.
  • Eastside Community Slate & Black Progressive Organization
  • Southeast Michigan Progressive Democratic Caucus
  • Obama Grass Roots Walkers
  • Malik Shabazz
  • Former State Representative (and retired DPD officer) Bettie Cook Scott.
  • Police Commissioner (District 1) Darryl Brown.
  • Police Commissioner (District 2) Linda D. Bernard.
  • Police Commissioner (District 5) Willie Burton.
  • Police Commissioner (District 7) William Davis.
  • Former Wayne County Sheriff & Executive Robert Ficano.
  • Lory Parks (Michigan National Action Network)